Postbiotics 101: Strengthening Your Skin's Natural Barrier

Welcome to The Kyla Diaries, where we uncomplicate skincare to equip you with the tools for achieving radiant and healthy skin. Today, we're diving into postbiotic skincare – a trending topic in the skincare world right now.  


The Skin-Gut Connection 

Much like your gut, your skin has its very own ecosystem known as the microbiome aka skin flora. Think of your skin's microbiome as a tiny community made up of trillions of small residents—mostly bacteria—that live on your skin. Your skin microbiome forms a community that works diligently to maintain your skin's health and protection. The greater the diversity in your community, the better, as it's all about balance. Excessive amounts of either good or bad bacteria can create an imbalance, disrupting the entire system, which may result in skin sensitivity, inflammation, and acne. So, while the products we use play a significant role in achieving that radiant, youthful, and blemish-free skin we all dream of, the real skincare saviour working behind the scenes is our microbiome.  


Postbiotics help maintain a healthy balance in your skin’s microbiome, which is vital for a strong and resilient skin barrier. Signs of a compromised skin barrier include tight, dull, dehydrated, irritated skin and sometimes breakouts. Postbiotics are like reinforcements for your skin barrier, they come in and help restore your skin’s harmony and get things into working order.  


What are Postbiotics? 

Think of them as the residue left behind after your body's digestive processes. Postbiotics are brimming with goodness, including essential nutrients like vitamins B and K, amino acids, and antimicrobial peptides. These are your allies in slowing down the growth of harmful bacteria, enhancing your overall health and the glow of your skin. Some ways to fortify your postbiotic reserves inside out are by incorporating fermented foods like kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi into your daily diet. 


Are Postbiotics better than Probiotics? 

When it comes to nurturing your gut health, pre-, pro, and postbiotics are essential. But it's important to understand that probiotics, which are live bacteria, can be a bit finicky and don't hold up well in skincare products. That's why you'll typically spot probiotics in supplements that need to stay in the fridge. Enter postbiotics. These superstars use by-products of fermented live bacteria. Known for their stability, they can withstand the manufacturing and packaging process. So, opting for postbiotics ensures you get all the incredible benefits associated with probiotics without the need for live microorganisms. 


What Postbiotics Are the Best for Skin? 

Here at Kyla Skin, we’re all about simplifying your skincare game and decluttering your top shelf. With so many postbiotic skincare products and ingredients out there, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. That's where we step in. We've concocted our very own secret weapon – ProRenew Complex CLR™. This powerhouse topical postbiotic supercharges your skin's ability to renew itself while giving your skin barrier some serious backup. And the best part? It revs up the production of antimicrobial peptides, which can work wonders in tackling acne-causing bacteria and help clear breakouts. Sounds like the best postbiotic for acne if you ask us.  


You'll find ProRenew Complex CLR™ in our Kyla Kleanse Cleanser, Kyla Key Serum, and Kyla Kombat Moisturiser – the essential trio for a complexion that's not just healthy and balanced but radiates with a natural glow. 


Do Postbiotics Help Skin Inflammation? 

Absolutely! In our Kyla Skin range, we've harnessed the synergy of postbiotics and locally sourced Aussie Hemp Seed Oil. The benefits of Hemp Seed Oil make it one of our favourite ingredients to support the power of postbiotics. It isn't just a fantastic natural defence against acne and an effective skin balancer; it's also a potent anti-inflammatory agent. The secret lies in its rich content of omega-6 fatty acid, which not only works wonders as an anti-inflammatory but also plays a crucial role in supporting skin regeneration and the growth of new cells.  


Postbiotics are the superheroes of skincare you didn’t know you needed. The buzz and hype around incorporating them into your routine is well-deserved. These tiny yet mighty microorganisms do wonders for fortifying your skin's natural barrier and enhancing your complexion's health and vitality. They hold the secret to skin renewal and balance.  


Explore Kyla Skin's product line-up to embark on your own journey of Postbiotic Infusion Innovation, where you can experience the transformative effects of postbiotics on your skin's renewal and barrier health.